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Why Seek A Lawyer For Wrongful Death Accident

People who lose a loved one are going to be distraught over their loss. It can be easier to process someone’s death if there was time to prepare for the passing, but in cases of wrongful death, this does not happen. It is even more challenging for family members to deal with a death that was sudden, not foreseen, and caused by another person. As a wrongful death lawyer families trust at Disparti Law Group explains, surviving family members who lose a loved one wrongfully may have grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit. Here are instances when seeking out a wrongful death lawyer is advised:

Car Accidents

Every year, hundreds of thousands of lives are taken from car accidents, and many more face a long recovery, if they are able to recover at all. After a car accident, the surviving family members may be left to deal with the aftermath, including medical costs, funeral expenses, property damage, pain and suffering, and more. Car accidents usually result from at least one reckless driver who may have been speeding, distracted, tailgating, running red lights or stop signs, drunk driving, or otherwise endangering the lives of others on the road.

Medical Malpractice
Most medical professionals are good at what they do, and do not cause harm to the patients they treat. But tragically, doctors and nurses are also capable of grave mistakes which can ultimately take the life of a patient. Common reasons that medical malpractice happens are due to surgical errors, prescription mistakes, patient background oversights, poor use of anesthesia, delayed or incorrect diagnosis, improper treatment plan, failure to order diagnostic tests, and more. Ultimately, a doctor who fails to provide the care that another qualified doctor in similar circumstances would have offered may be found liable for a patient’s injury or death. 

Workplace Accidents

Did you know that employers have a duty to provide a safe place to work for their employees? And if a worker is injured while performing job duties, they may be eligible for compensation. Oftentimes, this compensation is provided through the company’s workers compensation program. These programs are intended to be the solution between employer and employee in the event of a workplace injury. But in some situations, the employer exhibited such gross negligence that the surviving family can sue the company directly for the premature loss of their cherished relative. Family members may be motivated to hold the offending company liable so they have the financial means to get through their grieving period and as a way to seek justice for their loved one taken too soon.