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Denied Workers’ Compensation Claims

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Being injured at work can cause devastation not just for you, but for your family. It could mean extremely pricey medical bills, lost time at work, and lost wages. This can force your family to struggle financially. In many cases, if you are injured at work, you can very simply navigate a workers’ compensation claim to receive your benefits. However, sometimes your workers’ compensation claim might be denied. Experienced attorneys have dealt with many denied workers’ compensation claims, and can help you navigate this process.

Why Might My Claim Be Denied?

There are some cases where your workers’ compensation claim might be denied. Some of these are:

  • You already have a pre-existing condition
  • You have a permanent disability rating that is disputed
  • You are having difficulty getting the right treatment
  • You receive other government benefits
  • The way you work is affected

Digging Deeper

If your claim has been denied, there might be certain reasons for that. Below, you can dig a little deeper into why a claim was denied.

Pre-Existing Condition. This can be difficult because if you injured a body part that has already been injured in the past, you could have a hard time with the insurance company. If this is the case, the insurance company you are trying to work with can attempt to blame your work injury on a previous condition instead of being injured through work-related activities.

Permanent Disability Rating. When people typically receive workers’ compensation awards, they are for permanent disability benefits. Thus, these benefits will be calculated based on what’s called your permanent disability rating. However, the insurance company might not agree with the rating your doctor gave. When this is the case, the insurance company can send you to an IME (independent medical examination) doctor who often assigns lower disability ratings. When this happens, our firm can be a huge asset to your case.

Difficulty Getting the Right Treatment. Often, an insurance company will deny or delay more expensive treatments like surgery.

Receiving Government Benefits. If you are already receiving government benefits—like Social Security Disability Insurance—then they could be reduced if you are awarded workers’ compensation benefits. This can often be problematic, and having one of our attorneys on your side can help you get the minimum amount reduced.

You Can No Longer Work. If the injury you sustained was serious, your ability to work could be seriously impacted. If you are unable to work further, you must determine how to maximize the benefits received from workers’ compensation.

Can a Lawyer Help?

Lawyers are empathetic to your needs after a work-related injury and know that it can cause unneeded stress on your family. If an injury has resulted from your work and your claim has been denied, don’t hesitate any longer to reach out to a worker injury lawyer today.