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Chiropractic Care for The Aches and Pains After an Auto Accident

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In the moments after a car accident, a person may experience a state of shock and disorientation. Having to deal with insurance companies and vehicle repairs can be enough to keep a person too busy to seek medical treatment for aches and pains that have slowly crept up in the days after. Incidents that are traumatic, such as car accidents, can cause the adrenaline levels in our body to raise suddenly and rapidly.

While this hormone can be helpful in high-stress scenarios, it also numbs the pain to where a person may not realize they sustained any injuries until a later time. When these injuries do start to be felt, it is recommended that a person makes an appointment with a reputable chiropractor.

Chiropractors are Trained Professionals

Chiropractors have been trained to offer drug-free, alternative and non-invasive treatments for those with musculoskeletal and nervous system injuries. A chiropractic adjustment involves a gentle manipulation of the spine and other areas, to release pressure, increase joint mobility, and encourage soft tissue repair. This method is free of harmful side effects that are commonly associated with heavy prescription medications and surgery. In fact, many patients may find that chiropractic care is the route to avoiding surgery entirely.

Car Accident Injuries

There are several types of car accident-related injuries that can be treated through chiropractic adjustments. Whiplash is one of the primary injuries that can result from a vehicle collision. Whiplash occurs when the neck endures rapid front and back movements, which extends the muscles and tendons beyond the standard range of motion. If a victim was rear-ended by another driver even at a slower speed, he or she could still have sustained a whiplash injury. Neck and back injuries that do not receive treatment right away, may result in further complications such as chronic neck pain, numbness and headaches.

Neck and back pain that was caused due to the car accident impact can be agonizing. The vertebrae that make up the spinal cord can become dislocated, fractured, crushed, or pushed out of alignment. The bands of tissue surrounding the spine and nearby nerves can become damaged too. A chiropractor can take a full assessment of your injuries to create a personalized treatment plan before starting adjustments.

Proof of Your Injuries

Car accident victims may sue the driver at-fault for compensation. If this happens, the verdict of the case heavily depends on supportive evidence. Copies of medical documents from a chiropractor can be useful if legal action were to be taken against the other driver. It is highly recommended that anyone in a car accident seeks medical care immediately, whether or not they feel the extent of their injuries at the time. It can strengthen your case to have paperwork which shows you went to the doctor promptly for care. A chiropractor can provide paperwork to be used as evidence of your injuries in the lawsuit, to increase your chances of a favorable outcome.